Capital: Luanda.

Size: 1 246 620km2

Population: approximately 18 million

Currency: Kwanza (AOA)

Country code: +244

Time Zone: UTC +1




Angola, is a relatively untouched tourism destination, and at this stage aimed more at the very adventurous traveller. Tourism is mostly undeveloped as the country steps out of 40 years of civil war. Often thought of as one of Africa’s last wild frontiers, Travellers who are 4x4 enthusiasts and are mostly self-sufficient can drive through un-touched, pristine wildlife areas and experience interactions with amongst others the nomadic Himba people. Whilst tourism is developing, lodges and a proper tourism infrastructure are not often encountered. For wildlife enthusiasts however, a draw card is a visit to the highly endangered Central Region to find the rare giant Sable Antelope.





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